Academic EOI for Faculty of Arts, Digital Studio internship scheme  

The Digital Studio internships have the following requirements for participating academics:

  1. The program is available to all staff in the five Schools, and internships will be distributed across the Schools
  2. Preference for researchers who already have some basic data management structures or coding framework, or academics who have amassed research materials that could be organised into a data management framework
  3. Grant funding is available for 10 internships valued at approximately $2,000 each, which approximates to 45 hours, with graduate training provided in addition to the internship hours
  4. Academics will be required to meet in-person with their intern at least four times during the internship; at the beginning of the internship, after the intern has completed 15 hours, 30 hours, and to plan the end of internship presentation
  5. Academics who participate in the scheme will be asked to demonstrate the ways their data has been enhanced and should be willing to share the results with other scholars in their School. They will be assisted to provide this presentation by their intern
  6. Interns will be supported throughout the internship by the Digital Studio and ideally work in the Studio’s collaborative digital research environment

For more details or to discuss a potential project please email

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Project details

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In plain language, summarise the current status of your project, include details of any datasets insofar as you can provide an indication of the volume of data, current or desirable formats, existing software, and platform/s for delivery (200 words)
Please explain the expectations you have of the internship and tasks an intern would be required to undertake (200 words)
Please explain how an internship will contribute to your research project and enhance your ability to use expanded data in presentations or future research plans and bids (200 words)
How many hours of work are required? Would the work be best completed in a block of hours or spread across the semester?
Please include links to the project website or other relevant information
Is the project currently funded? If so, what kind of funding?
Name and role of research personnel currently working on the project
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